European & International Law

Europees en Internationaal recht

David is niet enkel gespecialiseerd in lokaal recht maar ook in Europees en Internationaal recht

In an integrated and open market, a profound knowledge of European law is now essential to any successful commercial undertaking.

In the practice of advice, negotiations and litigation relating to such issues, we know how these rules must be applied, how they influence the laws of the Member States and how they can co-exist with national laws and regulations. As such, we can assist you in following matters:

  • import and export issues and disputes
  • European competition law
  • Free movement of persons and goods within the EC
  • European patent and trademark law
  • Establishment of (branch) offices within the EC
  • Drafting of contracts and assisting with international transactions
  • Horizontal (eg. joint ventures) and vertical agreements (exclusive and selective distribution agreements, agency agreements and franchise agreements)
  • Application of European and International rules for the determination of territorial competence
  • Execution of national/foreign judgements and arbitration awards