We advise a wide range of national and international clients on a variety of matters relating to all areas of transportation, in particular ship owners, transport companies (carriage by road and by air), port related companies, insurance companies and brokers, P&I Clubs, port authorities, cargo interested parties, shipping agents and managers, commissionaires and other intermediaries, stevedores, suppliers, ...

Maritime law and Inland Waterway Law:

  • charter parties, bills of lading,… and related disputes
  • marine accidents and their consequences (general average, salvage, limitation of liability,…)
  • sale and purchase of vessels / registration
  • arrest of ships
  • maritime liens and mortgages
  • transport of cargo
  • securities and pledges

Transport Law

  • carriage by road, national and international (CMR)
  • combined transport
  • carriage by rail (COTIF, CIM, RID, RIP, RICO)
  • carriage by air (Warsaw Convention and it’s protocols)
  • transport of dangerous goods
  • drafting of transport related contracts
  • transport of passengers and luggage by sea (Athens Convention)

Insurance Law

  • marine insurance
  • hull insurance, marine and inland waterways
  • liability insurance (carrier, freight forwarder, stevedore,…)
  • cargo insurance
  • personal injury insurance

Port related Law

  • storage and cargo transfer (stevedores, nations, etc.)
  • freight forwarding
  • distribution
  • ship and bunker supplies
  • other suppliers
  • port management


  • litigation in Belgium and abroad
  • arbitration in Belgium and abroad
  • ship’s arrest and arrest of other means of transportation, arrest of cargo
  • enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards
  • application of security rights, lien, right of detention

Criminal Law

  • maritime criminal law
  • criminal code and code of conduct fishermen
  • stowaways, carriage of forbidden goods, thefts,...
  • regulations on driving and rest periods